King snakes inhabit the Americas ranging from Canada to the southernmost parts of South America. They come in different species that vary both by color and size. The California king snake is typically two feet long but could grow to be as big as four feet.

While the California king snake is black and white in color, the California mountain king snake also has red stripes. Other king snake species can have a yellow, brown, or gray hue. They can be striped or have colorful speckles or bands over their bodies.

King Snakes Make a Good Pet

King snakes are non-venomous, which makes them popular pets. They are also easy to take care of. The dwelling you provide for your king snake should have a secure lid since these creatures are prone to wander off. They require constant access to water, and you should also assure the snake of a warm place to live in.

The Diet

King snakes are constriction killers that eat mice, lizards, smaller prey, and other snakes. The California king is prone to hunt, especially for rattlesnakes, as they are very tolerant of their venom. As a pet, you can feed your king snake once a week.